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telephone consulting Strategy Consulting are pioneers in advising clients on their business strategy, marketing or internet strategy by telephone - a very efficient, convenient, and cost effective delivery method.

We started by accident – a client injured himself the morning of a scheduled face-to-face meeting and couldn’t travel. He was so keen on starting the session that we tried it by telephone. Now, years later, we have a very satisfied client that we have never met! With other clients, we have had an initial meeting and then done follow-up work on the phone. And still others mix and match between telephone and face-to-face consultancy according to availability and location.

While there can be some limitations to advising on business strategy over the phone, there are some substantial benefits which, in many cases, may outweigh the limitations -

  • Telephone consulting means a greater chance of success because you will be connected with the best qualified consultant . The odds that you and your ideal advisor will be within reasonable travel distance are extremely low. With telephone consulting you can focus on how our strategy consultants meet your ideal requirements, without geographical limitations.

  • Telephone consulting is much more effective. The telephone allows the consulting to be focused entirely on you and your business, as it is intended and not be distracted by external influences. Having multiple shorter sessions allows time to reflect on and digest developments which can also be highly effective in the right situations.

  • Telephone consulting is much more efficient. You and your consultant will get into strategy right away. Sessions are more “bite-sized” and concentrated. We have found that telephone consulting sessions generally require 50% less time than face to face consultancy.

  • Telephone consulting is much less costly. You will not have to pay for the travel expenses for your consultant or yourself, and you will not waste your valuable time travelling. You will pay lower fees and use less of your time during the sessions, because telephone consulting requires less time than face to face consulting.

  • Telephone consulting is very convenient and relaxing. You will be able to conduct your strategy sessions from any location you wish. Neither you nor your consultant will have to overcome the frustrations or the delays and hassles of traveling. You will be able to select a quiet, private and relaxed place to be during coaching sessions.

  • Telephone consulting is very confidential. The private and secure place you choose to be during consulting sessions will assure complete confidentiality. No one will know who you are talking to, let alone what you are talking about.

    How long should telephone consulting sessions last?

    You will want your telephone coaching sessions to last at least 30 minutes, but not longer than 90 minutes. We have found that most people are more energetic and more attentive during phone consulting sessions that last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length. We have also found that face-to-face consulting will generally take much longer.

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