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Our network of Consultants are experienced speakers at in-house training seminars or external conferences or workshops on many topics including the following

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  • Business Angel Funding. What are Angels, where to find them and how to attract them. Pitfalls to watch out for. What Angels are looking for. How to present to Angels. More details on Business Angels.
  • The Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme. Qualification for the scheme. Preparing your plan for the bank and the DTI. Presenting your proposition. More details on SFLG’s here.
  • Property Finance. Different types of property finance. Lenders and what they look for. Equity investment. More details on Property Finance here.
  • Getting the best from your bank. Is your bank giving you a good deal? Overdraft and term loans. Other funding options.
  • Grant Funding. Types of Grants available. How to sift through the options. Preparing your grant application. More details on Grant Funding here.

  • Business Plans to attract Business Angel funding. What are Angels looking for? How to structure the plan. How to present the plan. More details on Business Angels here.
  • Strategic Business Planning. How to get from A to B in your business or department and how to monitor and control actions and responsibilities to make things happen in your business or department. More details on Business Planning here.

  • Designing and implementing Marketing Strategy in SME’s. Take away a framework for Marketing Strategy in your business or division and the knowledge of how to operate it. More details on Marketing Strategy here.
  • New Product Development. A comprehensive structure within which to generate, assess, develop and implement new products or services within your company or division. More details on New Product Development here.

Other courses or seminars can be designed specifically to fit your needs.



The Managing Director of Strategy Consulting Limited, John Courtney has been a Company Director for over 20 years, including many years as Chairman or Managing Director in his own businesses which have ranged from sporting goods to agricultural chemicals. he has been a Non Executive Director for several SME's.

John has trained at The Academy of Business Strategy, and is an associate of the Institute of Management Consultancy, and a member of the Institute of Directors. He is also a visiting lecturer on the MBA course at Cranfield University School of Management and is also a Judge in The National Business Awards sponsored by Orange.

John has run training seminars at board level on corporate strategy and made presentations to both large and small groups on funding strategies. He brings a wealth of experience, particularly in corporate strategy, funding, business planning, internet strategy and marketing strategy including new product development.

John is an approachable, practical, down to earth consultant comfortable in the board room of plc's as well as helping with implementation with smaller companies.

A selection of John Courtney's recent speaking engagements:


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