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search engine optimisation, uk, seo, Strategy Consulting Have you got a nice website that doesn't bring you many leads?

If a company derives revenue from its website - regardless of whether that is from advertising, direct sales, or lead generation - then the main focus, even before the site is built, should be in working out how to drive targeted traffic to that website.

The Internet is still a level playing field. A site built for a few hundred pounds can easily receive more traffic than a similar site built for millions.

Often you will see in search results tiny companies with amateur websites ranking higher than well known blue chip companies for the same search results. 65% of click throughs from search engines come from the first page of displayed results (around 10 listings). 98% of all click throughs come from the first 3 pages.

If your site is not being found in these first 3 pages, then you can assume you are almost invisible on the web. It’s a bit like having an expensive printed catalogue and keeping all the copies locked away.

Search Engines are the number one tool for delivering targeted traffic to websites.

They are also one of the most cost effective means with the best conversion rates of any advertising medium. Search Engines are one of the only mediums that generate targeted active traffic. Users are normally searching for a specific solution to a problem - whether that be information acquisition or purchase related.

We can help by:

  • Conducting website audits to recommend improvements to existing sites
  • Constructing highly search engine optimised pages (doorway pages) that target specific keywords and phrases
  • Monitoring the top keyword phrases for particular subjects and industries
  • Researching new online methodologies and techniques to improve results
  • Submitting sites to search engines and portals, by hand and by intelligent software
  • Allowing dynamically generated sites to be "deep indexed" by search engines
  • Providing comprehensive reporting and monitoring of sites search engine traffic
  • Providing a fully outsourced web promotion solution to maintain a clients search engine presence

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