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public relations, consultant, uk, pr, Strategy Consulting At Strategy Consulting Limited, we believe that effective PR is more than just sending out Press Releases. The normal scattergun approach can bring very patchy results, whereas highly targeted PR can produce some remarkable business returns. We approach PR from a strategic angle first, so that time and money can be more effective.

We start by putting together with clients a Strategic PR Plan which often looks at the following

PR Mission - what you want to achieve as a final end result and when

PR Objectives - what are the key elements that make up the end goal

PR Strategies - an analysis of the strategic option for achieving these objectives

PR Tactics - detailing actions which will give the strategies every chance of working

PR Timescales, Responsibilities and Controls - who is going to do what by when?

We then often assist the client in implementing the strategies on a regular basis.

Some examples of the successful PR campaigns that we have run for clients:


One of the major model agencies in the UK, but without a high profile and lacking supermodels.

Devised and implemented concept of celebrity division which raised the company's profile and lead to substantial PR in OK!, GQ, Daily Mirror, and B Magazine.


Start up company with no profile at all with customers, wanting to launch with a splash.

Devised product innovations which resulted in world-wide media coverage including front page of The Times and Daily Telegraph on the same day followed by most of the national dalies, News at 5.45, Sky Sports, radio interviews on Radios 1,2,4,5 and World Service, numerous trade magazines and international exposure including Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.


Low profile group wanting a combination of PR and promotions to raise their image and attract firm bookings.

Devised joint promotion and PR strategy for use in targeted magazines and achieved promotions in numerous titles including Somerfield Magazine, Bizarre (with Heavenli from pop group The Honeyz), What's on in London and Shoot!


Technical product which needed a high profile launch to attract users.

Devised and implemented strategy of involving international model and singer Samantha Fox, negotiated agreement with her, organised photo shoot with agency, and achieved excellent coverage in Telegraph, Annanova and many trade magazines and Internet Ezines.

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