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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising

There are three major pay per click (PPC) services that you can use for advertising online. In order of importance they are: AdWords (Google), Yahoo! Search Marketing and adCenter (MSN). Google AdWords is usually where most advertisers start because it gets the most traffic but the other two services are also useful and can be cheaper for certain sectors.

You will also find many other small PPC providers that have started up recently due to the growth in this market. In general their market share is too small to make them worthwhile.

How Pay Per Click Advertising Works

The method of pay per click advertising is quite a new online marketing tool which is becoming popular with advertisers and consumers. It works by showing text adverts of 3 to 4 lines next to search engine results.

An example would be if you enter a search phrase, say 'pay per click management', into a Google search box. Next to the organic search results, in a column on the right, you will see a series of text adverts. The adverts shown here are relevant to the search phrase used, in this example they will be on the topic of managing pay per click advertising.

As a PPC advertiser you get to write an advert and decide on which terms you would like that advert to show up for. Then a maximum bid price needs to be set for each keyword, this is the highest amount you want to pay for each click through to your site.

It is not too hard to set up a pay per click campaign if you are technically able, the difficult part is making it profitable. There are a whole host of options which need to be set when running an effective campaign. Some of the most important aspects are keyword selection, setting bid prices and writing good adverts. It is also important to carefully track the results of each campaign to see which aspects are working and adjust those which are not.

Running a PPC campaign can be very profitable if done correctly. The adverts are highly targeted to relevant consumers and the costs are low when compared to other forms of more traditional advertising. However it is important to set up and monitor campaigns carefully to avoid wasting money.

Contact us to find out more about starting a pay per click advertising campaign for your business or if you think your existing campaign could be improved. We will answer your questions and discuss how we can assist you in using pay per click advertising to increase your profits.

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