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What is Strategy?

corporate strategy, business management consultants, consulting The strategy of an organisation has a life cycle: a dormant phase and a development phase. Because strategic issues are not considered through periodic review, many organisations spend most of their time in the dormant phase. When your company has a product in demand that is worth developing, then there is justification for investment in the company's future. However there is likely to be a need for a fundamental appraisal of where the business is going to go, if the company is to set a course towards sustainable and improved profitability.

Most large firms employ whole departments to monitor the Strategic Management of their businesses. Small and medium sized businesses cannot afford this; neither can they afford the time necessary to carry out these functions themselves due to daily pressures and administration. In any case, if Strategic Planning and Management is done internally owners often find it difficult to be fully objective. This is why more and more businesses are looking to employ the part time services of external Professional Strategy Consultants.

"Such is the pace of change, the growth of uncertainty and the diversity of customer expectations that the major risk to survival is not planning. Strategic Planning helps you manage the future; if you don't manage the future, the future will manage you."

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