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strategic business planning, Strategy ConsultingStrategy Consulting Limited offers a free half hour consultation to all potential clients with a turnover in excess of one million pounds. If we are of the opinion that your strategies and tactics are soundly based we will say so. However if we believe that there are some areas in which we could help we will prepare a free Strategy Report.

The Strategy Report is then discussed with you at a second meeting. Any proposals in the report will have fixed prices with no hidden charges hourly fees or expenses. You know exactly what it will cost before you consider going ahead.

We must stress that both of the initial meetings are completely free of charge and without any obligation to proceed. At worst you may gain an outline of where our Strategy Consultant believes your company might move forward from its current position. At best the meetings could lead to improved strategic direction leading to enhanced profitability for your business.

"Such is the pace of change, the growth of uncertainty and the diversity of customer expectations that. the major risk to survival is not planning. Strategic Planning helps you manage the future; if you don't manage the future, the future owill manage you.

(The Institute of Management on Strategic Planning)

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