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Link Building To Increase Online Traffic

Link building

Link building is a key part of Search Engine Optimisation, in order to rank well in the search engine results it is important to have numerous quality links pointing back to your website. In general, the higher your site ranks in search results for relevant keyword phrases the more traffic the website will receive.

There are a variety of different techniques that can be used to get links pointing to a website. Reciprocal links, or two-way links, are formed when two web masters decide to link to each other's website. If you find a site that you think is highly relevant to your own you can add a link to it and then email the web master of the site asking for them to return the link. These links are worth having but they are not seen as important as one-way links by the search engines.

Use Link Building To Increase Online Traffic

Submitting to directories is a good way to get one-way links to your site. You will find many directories on the internet that list websites on just about every subject. You can submit your site to these directories and if they accept you will get a one-way link pointing to your site. It is best to submit to directories that are highly relevant to the topic of your website, when submitting to general directories pick the most appropriate category.

Submission to individual sites can result in a higher quality of link. Some content based websites provide links to other related sites as a visitor resource. In some cases you can simply fill in a form but otherwise you can email the web master. They will check out your site and decide if it is good enough to link to. Obtaining this type of link can be very time consuming, also do not be surprised if many of the emails you send out go unanswered.

You can pay for links to your website, this can be very effective but also expensive. Generally if you are paying for a link it should have a Google PageRank of at least 5. You pay a monthly fee for a certain period and they will put a link up pointing to your site. It can take a few months before you start to see any benefit.

Another way to get inbound links to your website is through writing articles and press releases. Make them related to the content on your site and then submit them to article and press release directories, at the end of the text you include a resource box with a link to your website. This produces links to your site and if the article is interesting it may also bring traffic.

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