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Interim Management Service

Interim Management Service

interim management services, uk, consultant, Strategy Consulting Interim Management is a cost effective solution to a short or medium term gap in a companys resources. In the past, companies often had internal resources to develop new initiatives, manage specific projects or cover sudden gaps in their management teams. Down-sizing and de-layering have changed that. Companies may now be leaner and fitter but at the expense of flexibility, just when rapid change is a feature of todays market place.

The solution of using Interim Managers allows companies to have a lean, highly focused, core management team knowing that highly experienced managers can be drafted in at short notice for one off projects or to take advantage of new opportunities. Often, the Interim Manager may be over qualified for the clients needs, but this means the Interim can hit the ground running and identify problems and solutions quickly.

Interim Management is often a cost-effective resource for managing projects such as:

  • Opening a new division, or new markets
  • Launching new products or services
  • Turning a company's performance round
  • Specific project management, such as moving a factory
  • Covering for medium term sickness or maternity
  • Supplying specialist or technical knowledge not available in the company
  • Driving new initiatives, such as Strategic Planning or Total Quality Management

    What are the benefits of using Interim Managers?

    Experienced - knowledge, industry skills and experience relevant to each assignment
    Immediate - Interim Mangers can often be in place within two weeks
    Flexibile - contracts can be for weeks or months and can be terminated or extended
    Effective - a short learning curve and a "no fuss" start and finish
    Cost Effective - the full cost of Interims is clearly defined and easily monitored
    Accountable - part of the management team, taking line authority

    How Can Strategy Consulting Help?

    Our links with the Institute of Management Consultancy, the Academy of Business Strategy and the Chartered Institute of Marketing provide an extensive network of qualified interims. In addition, the partners of Strategy Consulting have specialist skills that may be used for interim assignments.

    What Will It Cost?

    Charges obviously vary according to the responsibilities involved and the length of interim assignment. We will be happy to give to an exact quotation after discussing your requirements.

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