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Asset Based Finance

Asset based finance At Strategy Consulting Limited we have a wide knowledge of the players in the asset based finance market. We know who is hungry for business and who are specialists in certain industries so we can get you the best asset finance deal in the UK. Our broking service puts you in direct touch with UK asset finance and leasing companies who may be able to assist your business.

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We have built up a strong network of contacts in the asset based finance industry over a number of years. We can use our contacts to provide structured funding solutions from a range of asset finance products for businesses. Our funding packages are designed to suit individual business requirements. You may want to use asset to generate consistent cash flow or to fund business opportunities such as the purchase of new plant and machinery.

If you need to purchase new assets for your business, making use of asset finance leasing means that you do not have to pay in cash and deplete your working capital. Leasing an asset allows you to pay regular sums over a fixed period of time rather than a large, one off payment which makes for more straight forward budget management.

Another benefit of asset based finance is that operating leases are classed as expenses rather than debt so they have no effect on your ability to obtain credit. Also as regular lease payments are viewed as expenses they can be paid with untaxed money.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not provide any financial advice of any nature and we only operate as introducers (not as brokers) to regulated companies and only for amounts in excess of £25,000.

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