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 Corporate Recovery

Corporate Recovery

corporate recovery, business restructure, restructuring, uk, Strategy Consulting To guide Businesses, Directors and Shareholders through the minefield of financial and commercial restructuring to create a stable business for future growth.

We can be likened to a financial and commercial lifeboat and depending upon when it is called can administer financial aid and effect a recovery in the stormiest of situations. Very often the call to us is made when the business is really in trouble and sinking fast having been holed severely by creditors and court orders. The Directors may be shackled by personal guarantees and all possible ways of staying afloat are beyond everyone's skill and knowledge.

The earlier the call - the easier and more cost effective the rescue which will place the business on an even keel to continue the journey to the 'lands' of growth and profit.

The crew of the lifeboat is a team of highly experienced and skilled managers who are able to carry out the tasks needed to start a business rescue very quickly. The following is a small summary of actions:


Experienced negotiators will discuss with creditors, banks, the VAT Office and others, and negotiate a plan to effect a rescue.


There are many ways of raising good money using the company's assets whilst not damaging the structure of the business.

The funding of the entire Company may need serious amendment and the lifeboat can call upon many known private investors and lenders to re-finance some part or the whole of the business.

If the situation is desperate and everything is sinking fast it is better to have a controlled salvage using experienced experts rather than delaying which will allow the 'commercial pirates' to plunder. The lifeboat can carry and direct the known experts who will help protect Directors, Management, Employees and Shareholders.


A quick rescue through an injection of new capital through a network of private investors can be implemented as can specific project funding be placed.

The Costs

The initial call to the lifeboat is without charge and includes a full meeting to discuss the course of action. When the lifeboat is launched on whatever course necessary it is unlikely that the business has any reserves in cash and so any fees reflect this situation. There are of course success fees based on new capital introduced. A plan to navigate the best course of action is clearly and quickly defined

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not provide any financial advice of any nature and we only operate as introducers (not as brokers) to regulated companies and only for amounts in excess of £25,000.

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