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Private Investors (Business Angels)

business angels, network, private investor, Strategy Consulting Through working in conjunction with the largest Business Angel network in Europe it is possible to raise capital between £100,000 and £2 million. This range of funding is generally regarded as the most difficult. Private investor contacts often have a very wide range of interests so there is no preferences on sector. Often companies seeking this level of equity funding also need the skills and contacts that experienced 'Business Angels' can bring.

Fees are mainly success based - with a percentage in cash and option shares, based on the amount of funding that is introduced. There is a modest project management fee that is reflective of the expenses and work required to prepare, authorise and market the proposition.

Services to Entrepreneurs

Firstly the business plan is reviewed and the services are discussed with the interested company before meeting the management team. If it is believed that the right investor can be found among the 1500 or so contacts on the Private Investor Register, advice on the investor-readiness of the business plan and advise on the deal structure will be provided.

Then, when there is an investment proposal that is both sensible for the client and sufficiently attractive to investors, the business opportunity will be marketed. The full service is very specialised because clients are marketed through direct personal contact with investors based on a close knowledge of their needs.

The entire investor and contact base of over 6000 is sent a regular 'Stop Press'. Investor Fairs are held regularly in London and also regionally where clients can meet directly with investors.

The project is then managed to completion. This includes the investor negotiations, and advice on the legal formalities - indeed everything that needs to be done to ensure a satisfactory conclusion - that is where an extensive experience in venture capital comes into its own.

Services to Investors

Time is taken through personal contact with investors to understand your own investment needs, this means that you can be contacted as soon as a suitable investment arises. This service is free to investors, but you must be able to demonstrate that you are sufficiently experienced to understand the risks associated with the SME market place, and that you have at least £100,000 available for these investments.

Whilst the important first filter of investment proposals is provided, Due Diligence is not undertaken. Investors must do this, and seek external advice where that is needed.

We can only help with funding and advice for sums over £50,000. For enquiries below £50,000, please contact your nearest Business Link.

INVESTORS - If you would like to hear about investment opportunities, please contact John Courtney

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